Work with Diana

The pandemic has now made working with Diana more accessible. She works online whether it be delivering training for organizations or reviewing and giving feedback on childcare centers in her consulting work. If you are working in a childcare facility, see our childcare professional development site.

For individualized programs, she also works with clients all over the world through zoom so location is no barrier. Diana can offer the following:

  • Childcare Center Consulting (training for staff, giving feedback on classroom management, strategies for behavior etc)
  • Workshops and Seminars for organizations delivering training on child and brain development, sensory issues, auditory processing challenges, using music as a means for learning etc.
  • Individualized therapy sessions where Diana will work with you one on one. Using a range of methodologies and programs, Diana will choose what is best for you/your child. Click here to see the range of programs offered.
  • Individual work (or training for providers) who work with children on the autism spectrum

For a comprehensive look at types of testing used, range of programs offered, and details of working with Diana, please see the relevant sites below:

Although this site has a lot of information about autism, auditory processing disorder, behavioral and sensory challenges and developmental delays, the child development information in the online training is relevant to all parents and those that teach or care for children.

All courses, apart from our autism specific courses are housed on this site.

This is Diana’s autism specific site with her signature course of nearly 3 months long that covers areas specific to those with autism. Her work with kids on the spectrum for over 30 years has given Diana great insight into how to help educators and parents understand more of what is going on with children (and adults) with autism.