How Music Helps Speech

We have heard for a long time that “music makes you smarter” or children who learn a musical instrument are also clever at reading or math.

But how exactly does music help with speech?

As a music educator, I have often had speech pathologists refer their children to my music program. Over time, I have seen great changes in speech with these children because there are common elements between music and language.

Music not only helps the auditory skills necessary for speech but helps with the timing and color of sounds as well.

There are 3 common elements between music and speech.

They are:

  • pitch
  • timing
  • timbre

See how all 3 are needed for both music and speech!

Diana F Cameron

Diana F Cameron has been in the early childhood industry for over 32 years. She has a lifetime of experience in special needs, is a trained sound therapist and is often a guest lecturer at conferences and Universities in Australia, the US and Canada.

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